The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge!

Tag someone you want to challenge to stop doing challenges, by doing the stop doing challenges challenge… which is a challenge to do because it’s a …

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  1. You can when Sean was slicing that pineapple he disappeared a mistake

  2. The non vocal version is so much better

  3. YouTube rewind clearly copied Ryans video except it was worse

  4. a new challenge is to unsubscribe from pewdiepie and subscribe to Ryan because he actually puts effort into making videos instead of recording yourself play video games.

  5. I commented to do this in a dear ryan video before this was made.

  6. The video doesn't make sense. He's doing a challenge about not doing challenges…

    He broke the challenge by doing the challenge.

  7. Dear Ryan, can u make up a challenge?

  8. If I was in it I would've been the one to ruin it because I'm really shaky. 😅

  9. That mannequin challenge was the coolest thing I've ever seen.

  10. That was the coolest mannequin challenge ever!!!!!!!!

  11. Was that a Bubbletea Frenzy reference

  12. But by doing the stop doing challenges challenge, you're doing a challenge.

  13. the girls in this video where hot

  14. You look IDENTICAL to my friend at middle school!

  15. This was the best mannequin challenge Ive seen I cn never do better (10 seconds later, he created the even betterer mannequin challenge with like, all the trends on youtube)

  16. Will moved into the water at 2:48 on the top left hand corner.

  17. Ryan uploads rarely but when he does it's so class

  18. Bean boozled😂😂😂A game which has a very similar name! True friends tv sereis fan will know!!!

  19. Who else stopped moving while watching?😂😂😂

  20. Wait. Trump coming? Backpack challenge? What? I never heard about those challenges!

  21. he forgot the Andy is coming challenge when he did the montage

  22. he did a challenge the stop doing challenge's challenge

  23. Do not do the don't do a challenge challenge

  24. Ryan looks pretty cool with a beard… 🙂

  25. You look so great with a beard

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