Solution to the Grandfather Paradox

What if you went back in time and killed your own grandfather? Would you still be born? Or would you have thus killed yourself? Thanks to Google …

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  1. Or you are your grandfather. Like in futurama

  2. I personally think that if you were to go back in time, you would never be able to kill your grandfather, because of the loop. You could go back in time, and take a knife with you, but you would be unable to stab him.

  3. …wow. I've reached my intellectual limit…I have no idea what you meant after 1:00
    this bothers me

  4. I think this would set off two overlapping realities. let's assume that the one you're alive is 1 and that the one your dead is 2. After killing your grandfather and basically yourself you create 2 and at the moment your grandfather died you stop 1. 2 then takes the place of 1 running in its place until the point in time in which you were to be born at which point 2 would be reset. At this point the paused 1 would run again giving you the options again to time travel or not. If you go back and kill your grandfather again you'd repeat all of this, if you don't the paradox is erased and 2 will never start again.

  5. i just thought that the grand father dying would cause u to never being born and just destroying your future

  6. psychopaths are not allowed to go back in time, paradox solved!

  7. i need milk im lost i didnt understand a thing😅😅

  8. futerama solved the paradox too

  9. Okay, someone chime in on this solution. What I generally accepted was that since it had already happened in the past it is an impossiblity that you could kill your grandfather. There is a theory on this that uses the example of trying to shoot your grandfather: theoretically if you did go back and time and tried to shoot your grandfather, the gun would jam, or you would miss the shot, or you would have blank bullets, etc. So basically the universe makes it impossible to undo the timeline that has already occurred because it has already occurred. This seemed to make logical sense to me. Thoughts?

  10. no paradox because as I know time travel is not real… end to the grandfather paradox. I drop the mic.

  11. Here is a really simple solution: time travel isn't possible, therefore, it's not a paradox.

  12. Despite experiments and theories to the contrary, I think time is merely a tool we use to measure and gauge the natural passing of events. In other words, time is merely a marker to describe and document life's sequence of events. Even the movement of stars, moon, sun, and other celestial bodies are mapped with calendars and clocks to predict their reoccurrence. Therefore, time travel is only possible via the tools we use to measure it: the past, present, and future. We can view recorded events that have already happened, and we can anticipate SOME future events with reasonable certainty, such as eclipses, seasonal changes, and lunar phases.

  13. but if i was only changing the past of another copy me that's mean that there is no point if traveling back in time because nothing effects the present of me

  14. Here's a solution, don't fuckin kill your grandpa

  15. I wish I could go back to 2006 to when mcr was still together

  16. there's no paradox. the reason you can't go back in time is because you can't go back in time. you'll be dead before it's possible

  17. I have a better solution: ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

  18. Or your dad is already born when your kill your grandpa

  19. Suddenly everyone is a quantum physics expert from MIT now.

  20. So what if you go back in time and do kill your grandfather but instead you disappeared or cease to exist and the time line continues after the death of your grandfather.

  21. What exactly is the difference between the boring "copied" timeline and the superpositioned timelines? Aren't they effectively just the same, given that there's now an alternative timeline introduced in each?

  22. if time travel is possible then why travel to the past when you can travel to the future and change your present to become a billionaire

  23. Why don't you just kill your grandfather after your parents are born

  24. Once per turn you can sent your memories to the past, banish your own grandfather

  25. With time travel you couldn't mess anything up because your future self would of already done it

  26. ooohhhh K. Idk 98% of what the hell you were talking about in this video, BUT I CALL BS.

  27. Great video, makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the explanation!
    Here's something I'm curious about, how would you explain this:
    So there is an anime in which this situation seems to happen.
    The kid is sick, him and his mom are in a car, but they get stuck in the snow, and can't move on to the hospital. Then suddenly a guy appears who seems to look like the grown up version of the kid, putting his coat under the wheels and helps the car to move on, therefore this guy seems to go back in time to save his kid self's life. But here's the twist. The kid is influenced by his hero's looks so he decides to copy his look as much as possible, mainly his hair. But in the scene we can see details like the school uniform on the hero, the earring and things like that. (The town they were in when he was a kid, had no school yet, therefore there couldn't yet be a same looking school uniform, plus a school uniform is not chosen by the kids obviously.) So we can almost surely say that the guy somehow went back to the past and save his kid self. How does all that work? I can't wrap my head around it.
    The anime is "Jojo's Bizarre adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable" btw, in a small unexplained scene.
    Thank you in advance.

  28. thank god, I thought the grandfather paradox is when you replace your grandfather… that is one fucked up paradox

  29. The solution is…you're you're own grandpa

  30. what if you killed ur grand father… but still ur left in the past amd nothing to go back to the present and ur stuck in the past so u made ur family and now ur the grand father of ur fam tree😟???

  31. This video didn't have any bras in it. Dislike.

  32. the answer to this is:
    he killed him after having a child xd

  33. How can grandfather's be real if time travel isn't real?

  34. and here I thought there was only one way for a man to be in 2 places at once

  35. I can't be the only person that was waiting to see a reference to Fry being his own grandfather

  36. Simpler Answer: You lived in the original timeline.

  37. Uhhh, I don't know if this thinking is flawed or not… Since there is no evidence of people time traveling to our past, won't it never happen? If time can really be manipulated, then at some point in the future, a time machine should have been made. No matter how long it takes. This time machine would have been used to stop some event in their past, and we would have most likely seen it and documented it, but that has never happened. A counter argument could be that the future people developed ways to erase memories of people who have seen time travel, or they have very advanced camouflage/invisibility. It's all hard to grasp fully.

  38. Time doesn't excist, monocles just move

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