Genji’s Sword – Overwatch – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

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  1. I wonder how much would you sell this for?

  2. can u make one of the killer's weapon from dead by daylight game please

  3. pls make doggie crugers shadow saber from power ranger spd

  4. When Genji ults, does anybody else hear "USING THE KAIOKEN?"

  5. try to make final fantasy buster sword

  6. not 2 be autistic enough u should make those shuriken fidget spinners lmfao

  7. 0:30 Fury's Song from COD BO3, nice.

  8. "Сейчас берем эту пезду, засовываем в хуй бля" орнул

  9. please make the Ebony Blade from Skyrim!!!

  10. had holes in there hoodies before it was cool

  11. Щас берём эту пизду, и засовываем хуй блять!

  12. youse guys should make fairbairn the British commando dagger from ww2

  13. Make lucio's gun!!! 😀😀

  14. This sounds like it's going to be insane

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