The No Cloning Theorem

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  1. Hello everyone! I am back from a 2+year comment hiatus and excited to say hi! (my account wasn't linked with any google+ account, so I couldn't comment on YouTube from the MinutePhysics account for the last 2-3 years; google finally gave up on google+ enough that now I can comment on YouTube again!!)

  2. perfect cloning not possible? numberphile said if you went far enough throught the universe(assuming its long enough) you would see THE EXACT copy of you and your planet!!! he said u need to go 10 to the 10 to the 70 meters sooooooooo idk one of you is lying XD

  3. very nice explanation, thank you!

  4. I wanted to ask you from where did you learn all this and what's your age
    Because I too want to learn how these complexities work and I am 14 (and I want to become a theoretical astrophysicist by the way)

  5. My brain is in this superposition: If video is watched then brain is exploded

  6. Can i have the background music? it's awesome and relaxing

  7. you can always talk about the perfect entropy problem

  8. Doesn't this mean that the universe can't be infinitely big, because there is a limited number of quantum states?

  9. You should rename your channel to ManyMinutesPhysics

  10. no scientist here, but why can't you just clone something not in a superposition?

  11. sorry, physics is far from my forte, but I was wondering why composite systems are a product of the "objects" superpositioned within. Maybe I'm not thinking of it in the right angle. It might make more sense mathematically but conceptually I'm lost haha

  12. im 11yo girl and i understand all of this

  13. you can tell us which one is orthogonal first? |dead > and |alive> … so on..

    | material state > and | cat state > are these orthogonal to each other, it is hard to imagine.

    you must explain why cloning acts clone (a + b) = (a + b)^2 why square? and its meaning?

  14. who said that quantum mechanics has to be linear, so that the superpositional principle is a must. just because linear quantum mech is the only one that can be mathematically solvable we ignore the possiblity of non linear quantum mechanics.

    solitons might do.

  15. I feel really stupid, normally I get all your videos but this one I just couldn't wrap my head around.. Especially the part with the 3 principles.. I just don't understand it. 🙁

  16. What about parallel universe or multiverse concept?

  17. You can't perfectly clone anything? Even two hydrogen atoms stuck together?

  18. I applauded @ the end [you visited all the trails of thought inspired by the middle part]

  19. longer videos = more money for u + more time to learn(for us viewers)so… everybody wins!

  20. Dude! You gotta give us more time when calling spoiler alert @ 6:09!

  21. 1:20 so which one is the original did you switch them?

  22. What he meant to say instead of all that fake math:
    You can't clone something if you don't know what you need to clone. No shit.

  23. why are the percentages for schrödinger's cat exploding//not exploding not 50% and 50%? (2:14) can somebody explain??

  24. If clonning is not possible then Banach tarski paradox is also false….

  25. Okay so there's one thing I'm unclear on. If teleportation is possible, and the result is a perfect copy of what you had previously, that means you've gathered the information about that object, but destroyed it. Could I not apply to same concept, but form multiple of the object afterwards instead of just one?

  26. You can't mathematically prove something physical, since our theories about the universe are incomplete. Maybe somewhere in Quantum Gravitx there is a "cloning" mechanism which might not yet be discovered…

  27. Material. You forget to multiply left side by material state. It should look like Clone{( |exploded> + |not exploded> ) x |material to build a clone> } = ( |exploded> + |not exploded> ) x ( |exploded> + |not exploded> )
    So far you can not distribute cloning operation directly, before you handle with material vector (which might have non-zero commutator with exploded and/or not_exploded states), problem fixed.

  28. I have seen lots of CLONED chicks they are really cute!🐥🐤🐤🐤🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

  29. i came hear for cloning
    i left with quantum physics

  30. I think the explaination doesn't really proves it. it depends on weather the cloning procedure is to make the copy that contains the superposition of states that are independent with the original one or make a copy that with quantum entanglement.

  31. Am i the only one who doesnt get it

  32. This is super chill! 🙂 i get baked and watch how the world works and it is so interesting. You mentioned consciousness in this video. Is it possible to get an Edgar Casey episode?

  33. You can clone… quarks are always in pairs, and if the distance between them is too long, they will duplicate!

  34. 非常感谢你带给我的物理学盛宴,god bless you!

  35. Gets an ad that says "you are the only you" on this video. What are the chances?

  36. Like the longer format; great job going over the basics quickly before going into details

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