Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Movie

Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie will show you a horrifying and sad story about Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria and its inhabitants. And be aware that terrible secrets are …

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  1. This entire project is being made by only one person,so if you like this channel and want to support it, head on to patreon:

  2. Can you make a bendy and the ink mushien movie by metley?

  3. I'm not saying it's bad but where is fredbears family dinner

  4. يعني سبرنج تراب محرقش المطعم كده لخبطني الفيلم واللعبة

  5. who want fnaf seasons 2 press like button

  6. I think I am inlove with this game

  7. I am only 1 min AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVEDDDDD ITTT!!!!!!!

  8. Lmao my little brothers name is thomas

  9. 5:30 I have no idea What is going on

  10. whosoever made this, scott cawthon should come to you. this is amazing, and though i like it, i feel the animations could be better. elsewise for a movie made by one person, freaking amazing.

  11. im only 39 min and 6 sec in and I love it I subscribed 10/10

  12. I love this movie so much!!!!!!

  13. 8:48 you see scott cawthon along the missing children's pictures hahaha

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