Work Stories (sooubway)

I was a sandwich ARTIST, okay? Because subways are everywhere, there’s probably someone watching this who used to or is working at subway right now.

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  1. he was interesting…. points to his penis

  2. Did anyone notice the manager had a small smiley face

  3. i work at subway now and i dont like it


  5. i was a pothead working In subway and my friend put the alarm and the police came I am spiritual too I was the chakra girl 💀💀💀 and you really dont have to any hard labor…

  6. I used to live in Arizona, and I went to subway, so I MIGHT
    have seen Theodds1out
    Story: I once ordered probably the most simple sandwich,
    A white bread foot long just ham. Literally nothing else except ham on that sand which.
    I get my sandwich and walked back to the car and start eating, I noticed it tasted a little different and I looked at the. Receipt and read: ' Turkey and Ham'
    Me: Srsly? I only ordered ham, not ham AND turkey T—T
    **Takes all of turkey off sandwich and eats it like nothing ever happened
    This is a true story

  7. Do you see the name of this comment?

  8. At time 1:08 you said subway not sooubway

  9. My highschool has a subway

  10. lmao I feel special now cuz my names Anthony.

  11. It was the"most easiest"job James has ever had . yup. makes sense . just kidding. grammar doesn't matter on the internet, and if it did then I wouldn't be allowed.

  12. Who else wishes that James still worked at subway so you can see him?!

  13. I been watching seens the beginning odd boy for life

  14. Is it kind of a stretch that I want to be an astronomer when I'm older? ;-;

  15. When I was 16, I worked at Subway and they started making me close BY MYSELF. Just me from 5-10. That is illegal in my state because I was 16 and a minor. So my dad made me quit. Then I worked at the grocery store next door.

  16. One timm i had sooubway at shcool

  17. I'm having to re-watch this whole trilogy for like the 5th time, I'm applying for a job at my local one so I needed James' wisdom.

  18. does anyone realize there are as many dislikes as the year this video was made?

  19. mabey the reason you meesed up was because you have no fingers and your hands are the size of the pad

  20. James you can just say to your manager put some bread on it and then the bacon won't be burned😡😡😡

  21. Since Cory had a cross, I'm guessing Cory was a Christian?
    Hmmm…..Christian…..Lightbulb!Idea for new video: Embarrassing Moments in Church.

  22. Sooub way
    Trys not to get to swwed


  24. Hahah I just got a job at subway

  25. can you join my clan on clash of clans. its adams crew

  26. Wow 189K likes..

  27. I went to subway today

    It was more than 6 olives

  28. I love your videos and I've been subscribed

  29. where i live its called subway and its huge

  30. After watching your videos, all my friends and I applied to subway. I was the only one to get hired and you speak 100% truth

  31. I wish I was old enough to have the amazing privilege of working at SOOUBWAY

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