1997 VS 2017

Things have really changed over the past 20 years… BEHIND THE SCENES ▻▻ https://youtu.be/8jIQjjgnjnw CAST Ian Hecox Anthony Padilla Olivia Sui …

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  1. 0:50 ITS UNACCEPTABLEEEEEEE… Adventure Time Reference! Classic!

  2. Ring ring ring.
    Anthony-"Grandpa's in the hospital."

  3. This vid so an example of what ur freainds think is cool

  4. whats the music for 2017 and 1997 i want to know both songs

  5. This video is soo cool u shuld macke a minecraft one

  6. 水に突き落とすの面白すぎる

  7. Okay but Anthony in 90s clothes is a concept that needs to be continued

  8. 1997 pranks lol funny

    2017 Athony leaves smosh 😣

  9. When Anthony was still in smosh

    Grandma is in the hospital.

  11. ITS UN ACCEPTABLE!!!!! lemon grab 😂

  12. 1997:
    Person: beats friend in videogame
    Friend:wow……good job!
    Person:Thanks! iwon against you in my debut…awesome!
    Person: beats friend in video game
    Friend: OMA GAUWHD HACKER!!!!!!!

  13. Haha, haven't watched a Smosh video in a few years. But, glad to know you guys are still funny, and relevant.

  14. that dog looked so sad omg i wanna hug him

  15. Hit like if you were born in 1997

  16. they used a pic of air Canada airport

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