Roast Yourself Challenge!

A new challenge has emerged that most people probably wont wanna do, but for those that are brave enough… looking forward to seeing you guys roast …

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  1. well…

    my username says it all

  2. Guys he made it and if u don't check the dates It's right on the top when u click the description

  3. Ryan go on a date with Lilly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm unsubscribing if ya don't

  4. cough cough Gabby Show and Ricegum cough cough

  5. Everyone add one word to this sentence: Ryan Higa

  6. but what if I already roast myself everyday by looking in the mirror >:

  7. As much as I hate youtube challenges, Ryan actually made one that is funny and meaningful at the same time

  8. omg i remember watching this when it came out and wondering if it would be a thing….

    and wow

  9. I want to see Guava Juice roast himself

  10. OMFG ur so bad at making youtube videos?How do you get so muh views from all this dumb and stupid stuff? Why all those popular youtubers are so dumb! Why? What happened to us that we keep looking at that dumb videos all the pepole like you make. There are so much better persons that make better things like you and they are more funny.
    I just want to say that
    Everythink I write before was a joke and I watched like every video on you channel.I loved the Skitzo series and Dear Ryan.I don't even know about if i write some words right but yeah….

  11. at 4:21 sean was smoking a pen 😂😂😂

  12. grant Thompson the king of random

  13. Some of the corners of the camera are getting the inside of his ring light. Is anyone else bothered by that?

  14. I was like, "I'm gonna subscribe"

    then I realized, I'm already subscribed.

  15. You should react to you tubers doing this challenge Like-
    Swoozie, superwoman, pewdiepie

  16. hey uh superwoman wanted us to ask you if you could go out on a date with her ryan… so uh GO OUT WITH HER NIGA HIGA

  17. I think when Ryan made this challenge, some other popular YouTuber did it too, so it became a trend.

  18. Thank you Ryan for doing this


  20. As I was looking at this I created a whole roast about myself

  21. He should of included Liza Koshy in this

  22. omg! i love you even more now!! you are the best!!

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